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Sortino Advisory Partners, an independent registered investment adviser based in Louisville Kentucky, was founded in 2014 to serve investors and the fiduciaries who serve them with academic integrity, transparency and undivided loyalty.

The firm has grown since its founding to serve over 130 families ranging in age from 1 to 101 and more than 7,000 retirement plan participants, and has developed extensive resources in protecting clients against elder financial exploitation.

Sortino Advisory Partners, LLC manages over $180 million in Family Wealth regulatory assets under management and over $150 million in Fiduciary Consulting assets as of its 2021 ADV filing. Our investment professionals have an average of 18 years of professional experience and hold the industry's highest credentials.

As an independent registered investment adviser, we embrace a fiduciary standard of care for clients, rapidly adopt academic and technological advancements, and fully evaluate and disclose the fees and expenses clients pay for their investments. Our advice is purely focused on the welfare of our clients and, unlike Wall Street firms affiliated with banks and product manufacturing departments, our compensation is transparent and earned solely from the clients we serve.

Our firm and our process for managing investments were influenced by many great thinkers in the field of finance. The most influential, Dr. Frank Sortino, is one of the fathers of modern finance and the architect of Post-Modern Portfolio Theory. His work synthesized and advanced the ground-breaking work of other academic luminaries, including several recipients of the Nobel Prize in economics. Dr. Sortino's investor-focused values are in close alignment with our own, and his philosophy of defining the primary risk for investors as the risk of not achieving the returns needed to fund their financial goals distinguishes both his work and ours.

We share a belief in the universal right to retire with financial dignity. We believe clients deserve to work with financial professionals who are required to do what is BEST for their clients, rather than what is merely suitable. We believe un-conflicted advice and an academic approach are essential elements investors must demand from their advisors. We believe in providing transparency and prudence with respect to fees and expenses. And we believe financial outcomes are meaningfully improved for investors served by investment advisors who follow these principles.

To our clients, we thank you for your loyalty, your trust and your partnership.

To our visitors, we ask you to join us as we embrace the fiduciary principles you deserve and align your financial resources with the goals and values that define who you are.



401 South 4th Avenue, Suite 910, Louisville, KY 40202
Main: 502.371.9850 // Toll Free: 844.371.9850 // Fax: 502.371.9849
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We prepare families, fiduciaries and retirement plans for critical financial events. Unexpected market movements. Retirement plan audits. Disabling health events. SEC examinations. Our benchmark for success is each client’s preparedness for unexpected financial events and ability to achieve their goals.

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401 South 4th Avenue, Suite 910, Louisville, KY 40202
Main: 502.371.9850 // Toll Free: 844.371.9850 //
Fax: 502.371.9849
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